311 Industries assists small to medium size companies source products out of Asia. The experienced staff has the knowledge and understanding of both Eastern and Western business practices and cultural differences which truly helps bridge the gap between Asian countries and the United States.

Benefits of working with 311 Industries:

  • Over 50 years combined experience in working in Asia
  • Our diverse staff comes from various backgrounds which include: design, development, manufacturing, sourcing, and logistics
  • Licensed importer of foreign made products
  • Experienced in customs documentation, duties, freight, and logistics
  • Able to locate competent factories that have the resources, capabilities, and technical expertise to develop your specific product
  • Fully registered and staffed offices in both the United States and China

What can 311 Industries do for you?

Our U.S. and China based staff has the expertise to assist with:

  • Product development and design
  • Purchasing raw materials
  • Making sure products are made to specification
  • Assure that pricing targets are met
  • Inspection and quality control
  • Assure product is properly packaged and labelled for shipping
  • Shipping schedules and shipment container tracking